I started my web programing live with creating websites in wordpress as beginner.

Today more then of 21% of all World wide websites using WP as CMS ! Really working with WordPress is easy as beginner because of plugins and themes thats ready made and are availible for WordPress!

Plugins Like Visual Composer and mulipropose themes like as Divi or Jupiter (that i using on this website) as made more easy for users to create and design there own website without needing to learn coding skills!

When i talking about creating websites and Web applications or E-Commerce so never minds it that you can create an advanced website with advanced features just with drag & drop with WP and their ready-made plugins or themes and absolulity if you cant coding in Backend or Front-end! we need to be realist also!

If you dont want to learn coding and want use drag&drop wp themes/plugins .. so you have to know that YOU GONNA HAVE LIMITED HAND ON CREATING ADVANCED FEATURES or change something in front-end as you want! so start with Front-end languages as learning HTML , CSS , jQuery and Back-end languages as PHP that WP and their plugins is made in PHP!