Make your WordPress website GDPR compliance easily

First Automated GDPR plugin for WordPress that supports most WordPress plugins and forms.

With using this plugin you as Site or Business owner easily can inform your website visitors and customers about your business GDPR policy! and build trust with customers.

Note: Plugin name has been changed from GDPR Integration to WP GDPR Ultimate – I am updating screenshots that have been used on this page soon!

  • Including GDPR-Checkbox in forms: Regarding GDPR guidelines, you as business/site owner have to inform visitors/customers about obtaining their data via ANY FORM and must get acceptance from visitors/customers. And therefore i have included GDPR-Checkbox function in this plugin and it works automatically using JS.
  • Responsive GDPR Notification bar: Using this plugin you can easily show a notification bar in front-end and inform website Visitors/Customers about GDPR compliance and policy.
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